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About the choir

We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings to enjoy each other’s company as we sing a variety of music spanning centuries of choral music and songs, from Gregorian Chant to Lady Gaga.

Started on the premise that anyone can learn to sing to feel good, membership is open to all medical students and physicians in the Greater Toronto Area.  No audition necessary.  Our choir includes everyone from beginning singers to experienced choristers.  We learn how to read music and use our voices for singing in a supportive, encouraging environment.  We enjoy moments of good laughs and getting to know each other, and also appreciate the challenges presented by the demands of learning to make beautiful music together.  While a commitment of attending rehearsals every week and practicing at home is encouraged to gain the most benefits, our choir is unique in understanding the demands of our profession and we make accommodations for missing rehearsals or arriving late as needed by our schedules.

During the COVID-19 pandemic our choir has been meeting virtually over zoom. Instead of giving live performance for friends and family we have created video and audio recordings for them to enjoy. 



The Toronto Physicians Choir is committed to promoting physician well-being through the joy of music and pursuit of excellence in a collegial and supportive environment.




Toronto Physicians Choir supports its mission by

  • Striving for inclusivity of all physicians as a non-auditioned choir

  • Encouraging growth and achievement in the choir by provision of professional choral training

  • Creating opportunities to experience the joy of singing through a wide and diverse repertoire of music


The Toronto Physicians Choir believes

  1. That singing fosters an environment of fun and joy which can be achieved with a balanced and diverse repertoire of music (i.e. familiar and popular music as well as choral music from across the centuries and around the world).

  2. That all physicians are welcome (non-auditioned), we respect the busy lives of our members and recognize the need for flexibility.

  3. That our members and the choir strive for excellence.

  4. That achievement and growth can be fostered with practice and participation.

  5. That it is our responsibility to sustain a financially accountable organization.

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